"A muscular yet madly skilled player. Mindblowing".  (Modern Drummer)

"Mark Heaney is a machine" (Time Out)

"Super Chops and More" (Marlbank)

"Groove by the bucketful" (London jazz News)

"One of the most Jaw Dropping players in the UK" (Rhythm Magazine)

"Might just be one of the most important drummers in the country" (Rhythm magazine)

"A serious player, throwing down Vinnie inspired "what the heck was that"? moments " (Mike Dawson Modern Drummer)

"A reflection of our times, both musically and technologically" (Percussive Arts Society)

"And then he started playing and jaws were literally seen to drop, Who’s Mark Heaney then…You’ll See" (Rhythm magazine)

"The Bonham-esque type capabilities of Mark Heaney" (NME )

"Sitting behind all this is dextrous drum basher Mark Heaney who is reminiscent of John Bonham in his hey day" (NME)

"A drummer of surgical precision"  (Andy Gill-Gang of Four)

Modern Drummer magazine 2019

Rhythm Magazine Interview November 2018

Rhythm magazine Interview 2011

Rhythm magazine Interview 1998

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