Mark Heaney has composed music for film and TV for over 10 years. His collaborations include Microsoft, EMI, Wrong Planet music, Sony ATV music, De Wolfe, and many others.

A renowned drummer by trade touring and recording for the likes of Post Punk Icons Gang of Four, John Squires Seahorses, and many more artists and producers he now focuses on his work as a solo drumming artist releasing and performing his own music live. His most recent solo release Drumscapes Vol 1 was nominated for drum Album of the year by Rhythm magazine.

He creates music from a wide range of genres, everything from sparse ambient soundscapes to synth led electronica to drum heavy cinematic trailers.

Mark works freelance from his home studio.

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Bespoke Albums


Epic drum scores for movies and trailers by legendary British drummer, Mark Heaney.

Wrong Planet Music



A collection of solo drum scores from the renowned British drummer.

Wrong Planet Music


Hard Hitting Percussion music

De Wolfe music



Progressive and original moods and ambiences

De Wolfe music


Music tracks and sound elements for trailers and promos

De Wolfe music



Beat-driven tracks      De Wolfe music


A distinctive blend of intense live drumming and guitars, fused with ambient pads and synths. This music is quite simply made for motion picture!

Wrong planet music


Beat-driven drama moods, ambiences and chill out grooves

De Wolfe music


Percussive military band and drumline

De Wolfe music


Drum-fuelled, intense, high-octane tracks for promos, adverts and trailers



Drum and percussion-led beds, atmospheres and grooves

De Wolfe music


Drum and loop-based tracks for sports, action and beds

De Wolfe music


Drum-orientated funk, hip hop, breakbeat, swing and jazz tracks

De Wolfe music


Drum-orientated rock, dub, reggae, Latin and R&B tracks

De Wolfe music


Strobe-soaked dance jump punk start!

Extreme Music

Recent bespoke projects include:

Microsoft - Gears of War 4 worldwide in store ad campaign.

Microsoft - Forza 4 worldwide in store ad campaign.

Microsoft - Xbox S worldwide launch in store ad campaign.

Muller - TV ad for mullerlight.



Top Gear

Pawn Stars

The History channel

Xploration Earth

Discovery channel

Wheeler Dealers

Air Crash Confidential

Daily show

Better homes and gardens

Animal science

Bondi Rescue

NRK1/3 Norway



Ch 4


Extreme fishing

American Greed

Indian ocean with Simon Reeve


Hotel impossible

The perfect Roadtrip



Ramsay's 5 best restaurant's

Woman in blue BBC

Secret lives of the super rich

Home and Away


10 years younger

Davina Mcall: Life at the Extreme