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Mark Heaney is a world renowned drummer/musical creator from London.

He started playing drums when he was 8 years old.

He has recorded and toured with many artists and producers and was a member of Post Punk Icons Gang of Four, John Squires Seahorses and The Shining.

Heaney also creates music for Film and TV and has composed work for companies such as EMI, De Wolfe, Extreme and Microsoft 

Drumscapes is his solo studio/live project which features his live drums set against a backdrop of soundscapes, loops and electronica.  Mark uses Ableton live and a midi controller to manipulate the audio and create in the moment.


"A muscular yet madly skilled player. Mindblowing".  (Modern Drummer)

"Mark Heaney is a machine" (Time Out)

"Super Chops and More" (Marlbank)

"Groove by the bucketful" (London jazz News)

"One of the most Jaw Dropping players in the UK" (Rhythm Magazine)

"Might just be one of the most important drummers in the country" (Rhythm magazine)

"A serious player, throwing down Vinnie inspired "what the heck was that"? moments " (Mike Dawson Modern Drummer)

"A reflection of our times, both musically and technologically" (Percussive Arts Society)

"And then he started playing and jaws were literally seen to drop, Who’s Mark Heaney then…You’ll See" (Rhythm magazine)

"The Bonham-esque type capabilities of Mark Heaney" (NME )

"Sitting behind all this is dextrous drum basher Mark Heaney who is reminiscent of John Bonham in his hey day" (NME)

"A drummer of surgical precision"  (Andy Gill-Gang of Four)

Past Collaborative recordings



Produced by Mark Heaney


                         Jeff Wootton-The Way The Light

Engineered by Mark Howard (Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Daniel Lanois, U2)


                   Gang of Four-What Happens Next

Produced by Andy Gill



Produced by Various Producers


Hotei-New Beginnings

Produced by Various Producers



Gang of Four-Content

Produced by Andy gill



Gang of Four-Old Grey Whistle test 40 year anniversary




Gang of Four-Return the Gift

Produced by Andy Gill



Gang of Four-Second Life

Produced by Andy Gill



Gang of Four-Who am I

Produced by Andy Gill



Jacknife Lee-Jacknife Lee

Produced by Garrett Lee (U2, R.E.M)



John Squire-Time Changes Everything

Produced by John Squire



The Seahorses unreleased 2nd album

Produced by David Botrill


The Shining-True Skies

Produced by Youth


The Shining-Young Again

Produced by Youth


The Shining-Quicksilver

Produced by Youth


Howie Day-Stop all the world now (Gold and Platinum)

Produced by Youth


Threshold-Extinct Instinct

Produced by Karl Groom



Produced by Karl Groom



Backridge Farm sessions (Unreleased)

John Squire, Si Jones, Dunc Baxter, Mark heaney

Engineered by Simon Dawson


The Westbourne Sessions-Mark Heaney, Si Jones, Jeff Wootton

Produced by Mark Heaney



Rhythm magazine interview October 2018

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